Facts to fiction, fiction to facts

Ashok B. Boghani
2 min readMar 1, 2022

We live in interesting times when facts become fiction and fiction become facts. Let me elaborate.

Facts becomes fiction when it is very easy to twist truth. Reality gets portraited as just a hypothesis or figment of someone’s imagination. Climate change is one such area where even after tons of evidence that it is happening and we, the humans, are responsible for it, there are folks who believe that the whole thing is fiction. Either mad scientists running around for research money, or extreme liberals looking to overthrow the current economic order are responsible for this fiction.

As I have mentioned before once you start believing that somehow facts are not facts, there is enough “evidence” to justify your belief. Internet directs you to videos by “experts” and “scholarly” papers that agree with you.

Facts become fiction.

At the same time fiction becomes facts.

I am particularly fond of science fiction stories related to space travel and instant communication. Remember “First men in the moon” by H. G. Wells? Or Dick Tracy using his Apple Watch to communicate?

One fiction I would love to become facts is cheap space travel and colonies on Moon and Mars. The recent advances in commercial space travel is the right step in that direction. It is not too fanciful to imagine that such a possibility will allow people, at least some fraction of population, to escape earth if it becomes inhabitable due to climate change in not-too-distant future.

Under that scenario, fiction becoming facts will come to rescue of people who though facts were fiction.

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?



Ashok B. Boghani

I am a retired management consultant who enjoys reading and writing on a variety of subjects. I am fascinated by people, places and physics.