The earth is flat

Ashok B. Boghani
3 min readApr 1, 2023

We Jains have a very ancient history getting back to thousands of years. Almost everything worth discovering was discovered by Jains. You would know this if you just read our scriptures. That fact has been buried first by the other Indian religions and then by all those Western people who did not want to see us Jains thrive.

One essential discovery of Jainism is that earth is flat. Just listen to the eminent scholar at Jain pilgrim Center of Palitana in Gujarat. As reported by a reputed journal, India Today, Lalit Shah, a guide and scholar at the Shri Jambudweep Vigyan Research Centre, which houses a planetarium displaying the flat earth says,

“The earth is flat and it doesn’t rotate.”

“Shah is also fairly certain the universe is shaped like a man standing in the Vaishakha position, arms akimbo. Within this structure, the universe is divided into 14 levels or Choudrajlok (14 kingdoms). Madhyalok, or the middle level, is where Jain cosmography has located man. This is Jambudweep where mother earth — flat as a pancake, still as the sphinx — can be found.”

You might ask how can that be? You have seen photographs of earth as a sphere taken by those astronauts on their way to moon, many decades ago. My question to you is do you have any idea of what Photoshop can do? Yes, Photoshop was around during that time. The good folks at NASA colored a ball to make it look like earth and Photoshopped it. You are an idiot if you believed that it was a real picture.

About all these airplanes that claim that they can continue going in one direction and emerge from the other side — -did you know that they go in one direction and when they reach the end of the earth, they secretly turn around. They do that at night so nobody can see them. Then they come from the other direction. It is all marketing and you fell for it.

Fortunately, YouTube has plenty of videos that you can watch and convince your-self. Just watch this one to start:

This one is only one and half hour long and you have to watch it to the end. It is expertly delivered by a scholar. It is Part-1 of three videos, each about the same length.

You don’t have time? What is wrong with you. As an engineer and scientists shouldn’t you look at all sides of the story? Get off your pseudo intellectual horse and watch these videos, god dammit. OK, you prefer a white guy delivering the proof that the earth is flat, because you don’t trust us Jains or even Indians telling you that?

There you go.

This video one has a bunch of white guys proving that earth is not round. Without doubt. When you finish watching them, come back to me. I will send you more videos. The nice folks at YouTube keep sending me videos after videos all proving the same thing.

Unless you hate Jains and Indians, you have to be convinced at this point that the earth is flat. I am taking this trouble just for your own good. I don’t want one of my friends going around telling everyone that earth is round.

What a wonderful time we live in? Once you hold a belief, you will find plenty of evidence to prove it is correct and confront those who don’t agree.



Ashok B. Boghani

I am a retired management consultant who enjoys reading and writing on a variety of subjects. I am fascinated by people, places and physics.